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We’d heard the buzz about Cal Jam and this year decided to make the pilgrimage to Orange County’s Sorenstrom Center for the Arts, home of chiropractic’s highest energy event. 

 It’s an exceptional mix of first-rate speakers, music, and interactive entertainment brought together to reenergize participants’ love and enthusiasm for the profession. First-day speakers included Tim Shakespeare, Danny Constable, and Pat Gentempo. 

Excitement provided courtesy of Billy DeMoss an The Adjusters!


We’re looking forward to seeing what day two has in store.

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The Chiro Eco staff are here in Las Vegas. Titled “Turn Up the Volume,” this gathering is one of the strongest showings we’ve seen yet, with several thousand DC’s and vendors in attendance.

The venue couldn’t be better, set in the beautiful Mandalay Bay hotel on the Vegas strip.

The opening plenary session was headlined by Mark Mandell, DC, and Parker University president Brian McAulay, DC, PhD. When Dr Mandell asked the attendees, “Are you ready?” the crowd came to its feet and cheered.

One of the standout presentations was by Dr. Amber Brooks, DC, who spoke on “Your Wellness Practice and Pediatrics.” As an expert in pediatric chiropractic, her talk dovetailed well with the feature story in this month’s issue of Chiropractic Economics.

If you’re here, come by booth 103 and meet us in person!

Pictured: Daniel Sosnoski, editor in chief, and Caroline Feeney, associate editor

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[This survey is now closed. We thank everyone who participated. - eds.]

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cesurveygDear  readers of Chiropractic Economics, we need to hear from you. Please take our brief survey (it should take fewer than 5 minutes to complete) and tell us how we’re doing – and how we can better serve you!
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We’re here at the Parker Seminars conference in Las Vegas. The Chiro Eco staff are meeting old friends and making new ones. An impressive array of new products and technologies are on display.

On Thursday, the show opened with a tribute to founder Jim Parker. Notable presentations included the essentials of ICD-10 coding by Brandi Brimhall and a look at neurological implications of chiropractic by Dan Murphy.


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It’s survey time again. Specifically, our 16th Annual Fees & Reimbursements Survey.

Our surveys are the best-known and most widely distributed samplings of the chiropractic profession in the U.S. We rely on you, our readers, to participate and tell us how you’re doing.

The results are used by the U.S. Dept. of Labor Statistics and are taken into account by potential students considering whether to make chiropractic a career. The more who respond, the better our results.

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and the information you provide is kept entirely private and confidential. The deadline is Sunday, August 25, 2013. Take the survey here.

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Calling all readers! Our annual salary survey needs your input. Your responses are used in our Issue 8 feature article. Our survey is also used by the U.S. Dept. of Labor Statistics, so you not only help us, but you perform a service to the profession when you reply. It only takes about 10 minutes to complete. The deadline is April 7 — but don’t wait, take the survey now. Click here.

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This second day of the seminars continues to be a blast for the attendees. “It was a 90 min session but went by so fast,” is typical of the kind of comments we’re hearing.

Today’s opener with Joe Mercola, DC, was popular and generated substantial buzz, and Terry Yochum, DC, presented twice. Mercola spoke on the future of healthcare and Yochum focused on MRI.


And at the Performance Health booth, Elvis sang a duet with our own Melissa Heyboer!

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We’re in Vegas and this time at the Rio Hotel and Convention Center. In a sign of the strengthening economy, this show looks to be a bit larger than last year’s.

In addition to a new venue, there are new events, too. Thursday’s opening session will be a recommitment to the profession led by Fabrizio Mancini, DC.

At 11 am Thurs., the F4CP celebrates its 10th anniversay with the “Champions of Chiropractic” – go to the Amazon Ballroom to meet Jerry Rice and Gen. Becky Halstead.

Other highlight:

At 2:30, Arlan Fuhr will be presenting the Activator Method, and Larry Markson will discuss charisma.

If you have a moment, come to the exhibit hall and say hi – we’re at booth 303.


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We’re here in Orlando at the Florida Chiropractic Association 2012 annual convention. Chiropractic Economics is the official media sposor as always. Attendence is strong this year.


Of particular interest was the presentation by Dr Vreeland on functional approaches to managing anxiety and stress, the plenary session on Saturday by Jennings on ethics, and Lambert and Drigger’s talk titled “PIP in 2012 and Beyond, which drew considerable comment.

The documentary Doctored by Jeff Hayes drew interested viewers on both Friday and Saturday, and the staff of Chiropractic Economics was deeply impressed by the quality of the film. We urge you to see it when you can.

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