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The administration has launched to “allow Americans to view today’s White House Health Forum, share their thoughts about health reform with the Obama Administration and sign a statement in support of President Obama’s commitment to enacting comprehensive health reform this year.”

From what I can tell it is similar to with a little less detail. Probably due to the fact it hasn’t been up very long.

The new web site launch coincides with a report from Health and Human Services “Americans Speak on Health Reform.” This report is a summary of Healthcare Community Discussions that President Obama asked citizens to hold in December. 

A few points:

  • The cost of health care services and health insurance was the top concern about the health care system for 55 percent of discussion participants.
  • Participants also cited lack of emphasis on prevention, pre-existing conditions limiting insurance access, and the quality of care as key concerns. (Prevention, right? So that makes DCs a hundred years or so ahead of the game.)

  • Discussions focused on concerns about a “broken” health system, access to health insurance and services, rising premiums and drug costs, medical mistakes and the system not being “for them.” (They got the “not for them” thing right on the money)

One other cool thing on this site is your ability to stream the White House Forum on Healthcare. It started about an hour ago but is sceduled to go till after 4. After Obama’s intitial speach they had breakout sessions in 5 different rooms and you can stream all of them depending on your interest.

It’s kind of crazy if you think about it. 5 years ago if you didn’t set your VCR to C-SPAN you’d never hear about it.

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