Social Media Automated: Good Idea?

April 22, 2011 by Matt Prados · No Comments

I had a great chance to catch up with best selling author and social media expert that gives keynotes speaks at major conventions on marketing – Gary Vaynerchuk.

I got to ask him some questions related to chiropractic business in regards to social media and internet marketing.

He has built HUGE businesses.  I highly suggest listening to him and buying his books.

But here is a FREE tasting…

I just posted it on my person blog here:


Hope you enjoy!





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Beware of groups

April 11, 2011 by Matt Prados · 6 Comments

Funny thing about the internet is who is controling what…

I recently found out someone posted an article link I written in a yahoo group:

I went to check it out and found out that well someone created this group which is private.

So I requested to join.  I mean that is the least they could do since they are quoting me is give me access right?

Denied!  Denied Denied!


What a joke.  Who runs this group?

My guess is someone with their own motives.

Members of this group beware you are being censored and only told what someone, with their own ends in mind, wants you to be told.

Starting a group is a great way to create a conversation in the web 2.0 world.

But if you create one you need to be ready and willing to let others join in.

Raise your hand if you like censorship?

Anyone know the owner of this group?

Tell them censorship stinks and we are onto them!

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Branding and Your Chiropractic Office

March 9, 2011 by Matt Prados · No Comments

5 years ago branding was simply a thing that BIG corporations would do and spend money on and hope that they got a return.  I actually used to make fun of companies that threw money away at branding.


Because so many were literally throwing their money away not knowing what they were doing and hoping for a return.  Sadly many chiropractors handle their marketing that way.

BUT!  Today with social media, websites, email, video marketing, and all the viral marketing or syndication that occurs with the content that is put on the internet… branding is not a joke in fact it is a MUST.

What does your brand stand for?  Do you have a logo?  Do you stand out from the crowd?  Is the user experience positive or negetive because today that story gets told more than ever.

Next week I am interviewing one of the TOP branding experts in today’s marketing online and social media efforts.

Stay tuned for some great advice from him and in the meantime ask yourself:

What does your brand stand for?

Do you have a logo?

Do you stand out from the crowd?

Is the user experience positive or negetive?

Get branded!


Matt Prados

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RockStar Interview #12: Matt Prados

March 1, 2011 by Matt Prados · 1 Comment

Hi. Here is a tell all interview that I did with rockstar chiropractic project founder Dr. Jason Ulsrud.

As always I may offend, I tell it like it is. Enjoy or don’t that is up to you.

I hope you will use the internet to tell the story so you can get patients that pay, stay and refer.

Matt Prados

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It’s official: internet ads surpass newspaper ads

February 15, 2011 by Matt Prados · 11 Comments

Today I was reading a post on newspaper ad spend vs internet marketing ad spend and the results were SHOCKING!

Well not really I saw this coming years ago.  Many people said it was going to happen but the point is now it has happened!

The point is don’t get left behind in the dust.  You have to bring your marketing budget online and based on these numbers you should spend more online than you do in print newspaper magazine ads.

Here is a small clip of the original article and a link to it as well:

It has been a long time coming, but according to new stats, the internet has achieved a significant milestone this year: it surpassed newspapers to become the second largest ad medium.

Specifically, eMarketer predicts that by the time 2010 is finished, marketers will have spent just under $26bn on online ads, up nearly 14% year-over-year. At the same time, the research firm estimates that newspaper ad spend will have dropped over 8% year-over-year, to just under $23bn.

That spending on internet advertising has surpassed newspaper ad spending is not exactly surprising. Most have expected it to take place for some time. But that doesn’t diminish the importance of the milestone, which says just as much about the rise of the internet as it does about the fall of the newspaper.

Matt Prados

CEO ChiroTraffic

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Getting Reviews Equals Getting New Patients

February 10, 2011 by Matt Prados · 14 Comments

Business has become humanized through social media, no matter how big or small, you or anyone of your current, past or future customers can go online and write or read reviews about you.  Word of mouth has taken on an entirely new meaning.

I have been preaching this one for over 2 years now.  But today it is vital beyond what it has ever been.  You see these review by customers are actually helping websites rank higher in the search engines.  Get reviews on Google, Yahoo, Citysearch, Yelp, Angieslist, Bing and any other review sites you can find.  Use the main players the most Google, Yelp, Yahoo and Bing.

How do you get review?

Ask for them!

The days of success story binders in the reception area are over!

Ask people when they are in your business.  Email them once they have left.  Just keep asking again and again.  One patient could review you on each one of the listed review sites, so just because they have reviewed you on one, don’t stop asking.  In fact ask them more, because they have already taken the time to give you  a review and hopefully a good one!

You could list out your profile links on a flier and hand them out at reception.

You could list our your profile links in an email and send it that way.

You can put your profile links on your website and ask patients to go there and review you.

BUT do not, I REPEAT DO NOT, pay for reviews.  This is a violation of many sites terms of service and not to mention, just plain dishonest.  How would like it if you were reading reviews that swayed your decision to buy something and then later you found out that they were NOT only fake but that they were paid reviews!  Man I would be pissed.

There are other scams out there such as I’ll review you and you review me, even though neither of us know each other nor have used each other’s product.  Again shady – don’t do it.

Studies show that 6-10 reviews build trust.  SO that should be the first target.

Then a little secret – reviews help with local search rankings.  Get as many as you can!

Happy Reviewing!

Matt Prados

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