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We have all been so confused on this topic and I plan to spend some time hashing this out and breaking down the confusion.
I wanted to share some info I recently found on the subject. There are 15 required ‘core’ items however you can be ‘exempt’ from some of them if things are out side of your scope of practice.
The main ones being e-prescribing, lab submissions and computerized order entry. The other core objectives are required to record and attest to during your application process.
Out of the “Elective” measures you must have 5 of the 10, and there are a few that you are exempt from here (those being medication reconciliation, immunization, and surveillance data to public health agencies.

So that makes 12 core items and 5 menu, plus there are a few reports and things to generate from your EHR system.

I found someone that did a great job of explaining this and I wanted to share her website. I have actually never spoken to her, but felt her breakdown and explanation of the meaningful use stuff was quite good. Please review her site and contact her if you have questions that she may be able to help you with:

Next week I will spend time better addressing this topic. I also have some great PDFs on this so feel free to contact me about this. Our website is in my bio and you can contact me from there in an effort to avoid spam.

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