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April 6, 2016

3 Ingredients of a Patient-Generating Website

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Your practice website serves many purposes. It’s a digital mouthpiece that offers prospective patients around-the-clock information about chiropractic health. It improves awareness about the services you offer and the personality of your practice. Your website is the hub of your online digital strategy. Above all, it’s an opportunity to convert online web-surfers into living, breathing patients.

There are a number of ingredients that go into creating a patient-generating website. Below are three of the most important.

1. Mobile, Conversion-Friendly Design

The digital world is constantly evolving, and online information-seekers are evolving with it. Do you already have a website? If so, great. But when’s the last time it got a refresh? Keep in mind the shelf-life of a website is only three to five years.

An outdated website design shows that you’re not in tune with the latest technology. One of the more pivotal components of a modern design is mobile-friendliness. Your website should be responsive to the device in which online visitors are using – whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

More than 50 percent of all web searches take place on a mobile device. This percentage continues to rise. In fact, more and more users are using tablets and smartphones as their primary computing device.

2. Chiropractic Philosophies and Personality

Your site’s content and design are what sway potential patients to stay on your site rather than click back to the search results. The goal is to give visitors a glimpse into what your practice is about so they can see what it’s like to be your patient. To keep them interested, your website should showcase your team, your philosophies, and your practice environment in a compelling way. Here are a few questions your website should be able to answer:

  • What’s your story? Explain the passion you have for natural healing and the chiropractic profession.
  • What is your office like? Feature professional photos of your team and office environment.
  • What about your staff? Exhibit the warm, welcoming environment patients enjoy at your practice.

3. Your Chiropractic Specialties

What service or services do you specialize in? Highlighting your specialties helps to differentiate you from your competitors. So make them known on your website. Whether it’s massage therapy or sports chiropractic, you’ll not only set yourself apart, you’ll better target your ideal patient. The inclination to show up devoid of any preferences or unique focus in the hopes of snagging everyone is a bad idea. Your mission is to attract your unique “tribe.”

Emphasizing your specialties shows that you’re unique. It also helps with search engine rankings. After all, you want to attract visitors who are looking for the services you’re best at and that you prefer performing. For example, if someone types “sports chiropractic [your city]” in Google, they’ll be more apt to find you and more apt to choose you.

It’s important to incorporate these three core elements into your website design for several reasons. Not only do you want to attract the right kind of visitors to your website, you want to keep them reading so they’ll schedule an appointment with you.

The “back button” is only a click away. If all visitors see is bland, generic content and an outdated design, they’ll be sailing onto a competing chiropractor down the street. However, by captivating visitors the moment they land on your site, they’ll want to learn more about you – and, ultimately, feel compelled to pick up the phone.

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